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Synthesis,structure and properties of Ni(II)complex based on N-heterocyclic carboxylate ligand(PDF)


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Synthesis,structure and properties of Ni(II)complex based on N-heterocyclic carboxylate ligand
Zhao Yang1Li Linwei2Zhao Dandan1Meng Xiangru3
1.Department of Chemical Engineering,Henan Vocational College of Applied Technology, Zhengzhou 450042,China; 2.College of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering,Wuhan Institute of Technology,Wuhan 430205,China; 3.College of Chemistry and Molecular Engi
Ni(II)-complex 12-bis-(2-1H-imidazole-45-dicarboxylate)benzene crystal structure thermal stability fluorescence property
A new complex with the formula[Ni(H4Phbidc)·2H2O]·2H2O·[NH(CH3)2](I)is synthesized through the self-assembly of 1,2-bis-(2-1H-imidazole-4,5-dicarboxylate)benzene with NiCl2·6H2O at 120 ℃. Single-crystal X-ray analysis reveals that complex I crystallizes in orthorhombic,space group Pnma. Each Ni(II)is six-coordianted and located in a slightly distorted octahedral NiN2O4 coordination environment. The infrared spectrum,powder X-ray diffraction patterns,thermal stability and solid-state fluorescence property are also studied.The results show that the complex I loses dimethylamine,uncoordinated and coordinated water molecules at 185 ℃; Ni(II)ions in complex I can quench the fluorescence.


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