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Interferometry measurement of back surface temperature of siliconplate after interaction with millisecond laser(PDF)


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Interferometry measurement of back surface temperature of siliconplate after interaction with millisecond laser
Zhang LiangNi XiaowuLu Jian
School of Science,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
interferometry measurement surface temperature gasification rate melt splash
The steam velocity and temperature variations of the silicon plate after its interaction with the millisecond laser are studied. Sequence interference pictures of interaction between the 1 ms pulse width and 5.82×103 J/cm2 energy density laser and the 0.3 mm thickness silicon plate are obtained by experiments. These sequence interference pictures show that,after the silicon plate being irradiated by 466 μs,the gasification phenomenon is produced on the front and the back surfaces of the silicon plate; and after the silicon plate being irradiated 699 μs,there are melt splashes producing on the front and back surfaces of the silicon plate. According to the position change and the time interval of the interference fringes of two adjacent interference pictures,the gasification rate of the steam on the back surface after 466~699 μs laser irradiation is calculated(20.47±0.08 m/s). By using Rankine-Hugoniot relations,the kinetic theory of gases and the mass,momentum,energy conservation equation of the Knudsen layer,the vapor pressure of the back surface is obtained; And by the Clapeyron-Clausius equation,the temperature of the back surface of the silicon plate after 466~699 μs laser irradiation is calculated(3551.2±2 K),and the result is consistent with that of the literature. Finally,the mechanism of molten splash is analyzed through the calculated temperature.


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