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Refine energy balance analysis for micro-satellite(PDF)


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Refine energy balance analysis for micro-satellite
Cao Zhe12You Zheng2
1.Beijing Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering,Beijing 100094,China; 2.School of Mechanical Engineering,Tsinghua University,Beijing 100084,China
micro-satellites power source energy balance refine analysis
In order to simulate the dynamic changing of the satellite’s input power and load power under the complicated light condition and operating condition,the refine analysis of power system model of satellite is presented based on the static energy balance analysis here. Based on the power system parameters of the Nano Satellite 2(NS-2)designed by Tsinghua University,the corresponding relation between the loading condition and power supply condition is built by this method. By integrating the equivalent circuit model and the charge-discharge model of storage battery,the initial state of charge of the storage battery is determined and the state of power supply with time-varying load power is simulated,and the accuracy of energy balance simulation method is improved. The experiment shows that,this model can generate the result remarkably similar with the measured data of the on-orbit NS-2 and can simulate various solar cells,batteries and any power supply and distribution structures and their energy transfer efficiency,and the proposed simulation method is with strong adaptability.


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