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Adaptive double threshold modified edge detection algorithmfor boot filtering(PDF)


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Adaptive double threshold modified edge detection algorithmfor boot filtering
Xu LelingHu Shi
Chizhou Vocational and Technical College,Chizhou 247000,China
boot filtering adaptive double threshold edge detection
The edge detection is one of the important aspects of image processing. The traditional edge detection method includes two kinds of methods,the method based on the template matching and the method based on the image gradient. In order to overcome the shortages that the template matching method losses more edge information and the image gradient method is easily affected by the noise,an adaptive double threshold modified Kirsch edge detection algorithm is proposed for the boot filtering. For the local information feature of the image,the boot filtering function is dynamically generated at different edge positions of the image to maintain and enhance the edge effect. At the same time,the complex computation of the Kirsch operator is simplified,and the two thresholds are adaptively selected according to the image edge region threshold.The combination of the two thresholds can effectively improve the accuracy and the efficiency of the edge detection algorithm. The experimental results show that,compared with the traditional Kirsch algorithm and the Sobel algorithm,the improved algorithm is better in the edge localization and operation speed,and the processing speed of the image is more than 4 times of the traditional’s while the fine real edge is well detected.


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