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Preserving receiver-location privacy based on Kautz graph in WSNs(PDF)


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Preserving receiver-location privacy based on Kautz graph in WSNs
Zhou Qian12Qin Xiaolin12Liu Liang12
1.College of Computer Science and Technology; 2.Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Internet of Thingsand Control Technologies,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing 211106,China
wireless sensor networks Kautz graph distributed hash tables location privacy network security
TP309; TP393
In wireless sensor networks,attackers are easy to trace data packets by eavesdropping the traffic and capture the sink nodes. The existing methods of preserving receiver-location privacy usually increases energy consumption by using false packets,raises the delay by probability-based forwarding,and reduces the delivery rate of packets. In order to protect the sink location privacy,a novel zoning patrol approach(ZPA)is proposed based on the Kautz graph. The ZPA can make the network have higher privacy performance and increase the robustness of the network. By using the tree topology constructed in the distributed hash table(DHT),the data packet is transmitted to the intersection point of each partition,and finally routed to the sink node to complete data delivery. The theoretical analysis and simulation experiments show that,compared with the traditional method,the ZPA can reduce the delay by about 52% and the energy consumption by 93%.


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