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Modeling of emergency response system on urbanwaterlogging disaster based on OODA loop(PDF)


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Modeling of emergency response system on urbanwaterlogging disaster based on OODA loop
Wang XuHuang Yanyan
School of Automation,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
urban waterlogging observe-orient-decide-act loop emergency response Petri net
TP11; TP15
Aiming at the problem that the urban waterlogging disaster is frequent and the efficiency and the level of the emergency need to be improved,the theory frame of the observe-orient-decide-act(OODA)loop is adopted to study the urban waterlogging disaster and its emergency process. Through analysis of the formation mechanism of the urban waterlogging,the model and the emergency response system of the urban waterlogging disaster are established based on the OODA loop. And then the stochastic Petri net is used to model the emergency response processr to verify the feasibility of the system. The results show that the theoretical method in this paper is of certainly significance to the urban waterlogging disaster emergency response system.


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