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Influence of variety and mass ratio of PVA on tougheningeffect of PVA/HPSS composite film(PDF)


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Influence of variety and mass ratio of PVA on tougheningeffect of PVA/HPSS composite film
Xu ZhenzhenXu XiaofengLi WeiLi Changlong
College of Textiles and Garments,Anhui Polytechnic University,Wuhu 241000,China
hydroxypropylsulfonated starch polyvinyl alcohol varieties mass ratios composite films
To improve the property and the film usability of starch,the hydroxypropylsulfonated cornstarch(HPSS)is prepared by the starch hydroxypropylsulfonation. The effect of variety and mass ratio of the polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)on the toughness of PVA/HPSS composite films is studied by taking the film breaking strength and breaking elongation as the quantization index. It is found that,compared with that of the HPSS film,the breaking strength of the PVA-0599/HPSS,the PVA-1788/HPSS and the PVA-1799/HPSS decreases,while the breaking elongation remarkably increases,and the PVA-1799 shows the best toughening effect. As the mass ratio of the PVA-1799 increases from 0% to 50%,the breaking strength decreases from 28.9 MPa to 15.9 MPa,and the breaking elongation of the PVA-1799/HPSS increases from 4.1% to 16.3%. The resulting indicates that the preferable mass ratio of the PVA-1799 is 30%~40%.


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