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Segmentation of adherent cell image based on seed pointsubstituting pixel block algorithm(PDF)


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Segmentation of adherent cell image based on seed pointsubstituting pixel block algorithm
Chen Ming1Yang Huizhong12
1. School of Internet of Things Engineering; 2.Key Laboratory of Advanced Process Control forLight Industry(Ministry of Education),Jiangnan University,Wuxi 214122,China
microscopic cell images seed points pixel blocks overlapped cells cell segmentation watershed algorithm
A seed point substitution algorithm based on pixel block scanning is proposed to separate overlapped cells with different adhesion degrees. On the basis of determining the average area of a cell,the side length of a square pixel block is determined. A two-value image is scanned by the pixel block from left to right,from top to bottom. The area matched to the pixel block is replaced with a seed point to get a seed point image. The watershed algorithm is used to get a segmented image and the cells are counted. Experiments show that the algorithm proposed here applies to adherent cell images with different adhesion degrees and nearly equal cell areas,the segmentation effect is remarkable,and the accuracy rate is above 98%.


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