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Robust iterative learning fault-tolerant control for a dual-ratesampling system with actuator faults and output delay(PDF)


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Robust iterative learning fault-tolerant control for a dual-ratesampling system with actuator faults and output delay
Tao HongfengLiu YanYang Huizhong
Key Laboratory of Advanced Process Control for Light Industry(Ministry of Education),Jiangnan University,Wuxi 214122,China
actuator faults output delay dual-rate sampling iterative learning control fault-tolerant control
In order to improve the reliability of a class of dual-rate sampling system with actuator faults,bounded external disturbance on the output side and output delay,a robust iterative learning fault tolerant control method is presented. Using the lifting technique,the dual-rate sampling system with output delay is transformed into an augmented state-space model in slow sampling rate without time-delay in form. Based on the two-dimensional(2D)system theory,a fault-tolerant control law is designed and the iterative learning control process is turned into an equivalent 2D Roesser fault model. The fault-tolerant performance along both time and trial directions is analysed and optimized. The sufficient conditions for the system to satisfy these performances and the design method of robust fault-tolerant controller are given in the form of linear matrix inequality(LMI)technique. The feasibility and validity of the designed method are certified by the liquid level control simulations of three-tank system.


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