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Influence of subframe elastic change on vehicle performance(PDF)


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Influence of subframe elastic change on vehicle performance
Gao Jin1Ai Tianfu1Li Zhixin2Nie Zhigen1
1.Faculty of Transportation Engineering,Kunming University of Science and Technology,Kunming 650500,China; 2.Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Kunming Railway Vocational andTechnical College,Kunming 650208,China
subframe elastic modulus modal analysis rigid-flexible coupling vehicle vehicle ride comfort handling stability
In order to study the influence of the subframe elastic modulus change on vehicle performance,on the premise of ensuring the strength,the subframe modal analysis of a car is carried out and its flexible file is obtained,and the rigid-flexible coupling vehicle model is assembled. Using a patran software to give the several group subframes different elastic modulus,this paper establishes vehicle models in the ADAMS/Car software with different modulus of elasticity of the subframe. The ride comfort and handling stability are comparatively analysed under the same conditions. The results show that over-raising or reducing the elastic modulus of the subframe can increase the value of the total weighted root mean square acceleration on the floor of the driver’s seat,resulting in a decrease of the ride comfort of the vehicle and a certain negative impact on handling stability. The elastic modulus of the subframe should be maintained within a certain range to obtain the best vehicle performance.


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