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Vehicular adaptive cruise control based on road adhesivecoefficient estimation(PDF)


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Vehicular adaptive cruise control based on road adhesivecoefficient estimation
Yang XiujianLi JinyuZhang KunLiao Tao
Faculty of Transportation Engineering,Kunming University of Science and Technology,Kunming 650500,China
adaptive cruise control adhesive coefficent estimation least square method vehicle dynamics model predictive control
In order to improve the safety of vehicle adaptive cruise control(ACC)under the complicated driving conditions,especially under low-adhesion road conditions,an ACC control scheme based on real-time estimation of road adhesion is proposed. The ACC controller is designed based on the model predictive control(MPC)method where a receding-horizon approach is utilized to compute the desired vehicle acceleration. The real-time estimation of road adhesion coefficient is accomplished by the recursive least square method. A four-degree-of-freedom(4-DOF)longitudinal nonlinear vehicle model is established based on the Lagrangian approach to form the ACC simulation model. The safety of the proposed ACC scheme is evaluated by simulations respectively in the high and low adhesion conditions. The results reveal that by the proposed adhesion-estimation based ACC system can keep the desired following distance in a wide range of road adhesion conditions.


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