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Structure and performance of disc-type magnetorheologicalfluid brake based on CFD(PDF)


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Structure and performance of disc-type magnetorheologicalfluid brake based on CFD
Bai Zongchun12Lv Xiaolan12
1.Institute of Agricultural Facilities and Equipment; 2.Key Laboratory of Protected AgricultureEngineering in the Middle and Lower Reaches of Yangtze River,Ministry of Agriculture,Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Nanjing 210014,China
magnetorheological fluid disc-type brake flow field simulation Bingham model braking torque apparent viscosity shear stress
TG156; TP319
In order to study the effect of turntable structure on the performance of disc-type the magnetorheological fluid(MRF)brake,simulations and experiments of the MRF in the brake are carried out. A computational fluid dynamics(CFD)model of the MRF in the brake is built according to the structural characteristics of the brake and the Bingham model of MRF. Simulations with ring grooves,radial grooves and through holes on the surface of the turntable are carried out at a certain speed and magnetic field strength using Fluent respectively. The velocity,pressure,viscosity and shear stress distribution of the MRF flow in the brake are analyzed. The braking torque of the MRF acting on the turntable is obtained by using the integral method. In order to verify the simulation results,experiments with different turntables are carried out. The simulation and experimental results show that the size of the MRF chamber width has little effect on the braking torque; the braking torque is the maximum when the turntable has radial grooves on the surface,the case with through-holes is the second,and the case with ring grooves is the minimum. The research results provide references for the structural design of the MRF brake.


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