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Modeling simulation of wick combustion in heat-pipe reactor(PDF)


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Modeling simulation of wick combustion in heat-pipe reactor
Du Rui12Li Daijin3Li Yanxia4Li Huarong5
1.Beijing Institute of Aerospace Control Devices,Beijing 100854,China; 2.Beijing Engineering Research Center of Optical Fiber Sensing System,Beijing 100094,China; 3.School of Marine Science and Technology,Northwest Polytechnical University,Xi’an 710072,China; 4.Petrochina Pipeline Xi’an Oil and Gas Transportation Company,Xi’an 710000,China; 5.School of Business and Economics,Capital University of Economics and Business,Beijing 100070,China
heat-pipe reactor wick combustion diffusion and natural convection burning rate
To Improve the design of the heat-pipe reactor,this paper studies the wick combustion inside the reactor which is under a certain steady operation. On the basis of the combustion boundary layer,a mathematical model for the wick combustion is established with the theory of diffusion natural convection. After comparing the simulation results of the model with the experimental data published in the literatures,the effect of the pressure and wick length on the wick combustion burning rate is carried out. The results show that the predicted average burning rate increases with the increase of the pressure and varies as H-1/4 and that the models can predict the wick combustion well under low pressure.


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