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Crystal structure and properties of imidazole dicarboxylate-based2D Co(Ⅱ)coordination polymer(PDF)


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Crystal structure and properties of imidazole dicarboxylate-based2D Co(Ⅱ)coordination polymer
Liu Chunli1Feng Junyang2Yue Zhifang3He Beibei1Xin Zhikun1 Huang Qiuying1
1.Department of Chemical Engineering,Henan Polytechnic Institute,Nanyang 473009,China; 2.School of Medicine and Pharmacy,Henan Vocational College of Applied Technology,Kaifeng 475004,China; 3.Henan Ding Tai Detection Technology Co.,Ltd.,Xinxiang 453006,China
Cd(Ⅱ)-coordination polymer imidazole dicarboxylate crystal structure thermal stability magnetic property solvothermal prepration single crystal X-ray diffraction antiferromagnetic coupling
In order to study the structure and properties of imidazole-carboxylate-based coordination polymers,by the reaction of an organic ligand 2-(p-N-imidazol-1-yl)-phenyl-1H-imidazole-4,5-dicarboxylic acid(p-IPhH3IDC)with CoCl2·6H2O,a new two-dimensional Co(Ⅱ)coordination polymer,[Co(p-IPhHIDC)]n(1)is solvothermally prepared. The molecular structure of 1 is characterized by elemental analysis,infrared spectroscopy and X-ray single crystal diffraction. The results indicate that the p-IPhH3IDC ligand exhibits strong coordination ability and complicated coordination modes. The purity of the complex is confirmed by the powder X-ray diffraction. The thermal behavior of 1 is studied by the thermal analysis in air. The variable temperature susceptibility in 2-300 K confirms that the χ-1MT accord with the Curie-Weiss law in the temperature 12.5-300 K. The Curie constant CM and Weiss constant θ are equal to 0.416 cm3 K mol-1 and-22.05 K,respectively. The decreasing trend of χMT with decreasing temperature and the negative Weiss constant indicate that there is an antiferromagnetic coupling between the adjacent Co(Ⅱ)ions.


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