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Application of multi-factor fuzzy comprehensive evaluation methodbased on analytic hierarchy process in patent transformation(PDF)


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Application of multi-factor fuzzy comprehensive evaluation methodbased on analytic hierarchy process in patent transformation
Cai QixiangZhai HupingWang WeiGuo Jiankun
Institute of Science and Research,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing 210016,China
patent transformation multi-factor fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method information loss analytic hierarchy process judgement matrix
In order to improve the objectivity and effectiveness of the evaluation results,a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method of multi-factor is proposed in this paper,according to the information loss in various evaluation methods,which has low accuracy of evaluation and affects decision making. This evaluation method can better balance the subjective factors and objective factors of the evaluation,and can solve the fuzzy and uncertain relation of judgment,which has the characteristics of comprehensive information and real results. Through the verification and analysis of the patent transformation in universities,the results show that the evaluation method can give more accurate results.


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