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Key technology research of photoelectric hybrid module conversionsystem based on time-domain broadening(PDF)


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Key technology research of photoelectric hybrid module conversionsystem based on time-domain broadening
Liu Yanhua12Yang Wenbo12Cui Mingyue3
1.Electronic Information Engineering College,Henan Polytechnic Institute,Nanyang 473000,China; 2.Industrial Embedded Network Control Engineering Technology Research Centerof Henan Province,Nanyang 473000,China; 3.Physics and Electronic Engineering College,Nanyang Normal University,Nanyang 473000,China
analog-digital converter photoelectric hybrid time-domain broadening digital signal processing ultrashort optical pulse source linear chirped optical carrier optical time stretching multi-channel data recombination
TN205; TP242
In order to meet the requirements of the modern digital signal processing(DSP)technology for high-speed and high-precision modulus conversion,a method of the photoelectric hybrid is proposed to solve the problem of the physical limit of carrier migration rate in electronic analog-digital converter(ADC). In this paper,an implementation scheme of realizing 20 GHz high-speed sampling by using time-domain broadening optical assisted electrical sampling quantization method is proposed. The key technologies such as ultrashort optical pulse source,linear chirped optical carrier generation,optical time stretching and multi-channel data recombination are analyzed. An electronic ADC(EVQ190)with sampling rate of 5 GSa/s,simulating bandwidth of 3.2 GHz and quantization accuracy of 10 bits is used for the numerical simulation of a 5-channel time-stretching system of microwave signal is completed. Simulation results are obtained by the multi-channel data fusion and the correction method. The results show that the design can achieve over seven significant bits.


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