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Link-quality aware k-nearest neighbor query processingalgorithm in WSN(PDF)


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Link-quality aware k-nearest neighbor query processingalgorithm in WSN
Li Fujuan1Wang Qun1Zhou Qian2
1. Department of Computer Information and Cyber Security,Jiangsu Police Institute,Nanjing 210031,China; 2. College of Computer Science and Technology,Nanjing University of Aeronauticsand Astronautics,Nanjing 211106,China
wireless sensor networks query processing k-nearest neighbor query link-quality aware energy efficiency
TP309; TP393
In view of that the existing k-nearest neighbor(KNN)query processing algorithms in the wireless sensor network(WSN)do not take the quality of communication links into account,resulting in high packet re-transmissions hence and wasting a large amount of energy,a link aware data collection protocol based k-nearest neighbor(LAC-KNN)query processing algorithm is proposed here. The algorithm sends a query message to the nearest node from the query point through a link-aware geographic routing protocol,and then uses the link aware data collection(LAC)protocol to collect the query results along one or multiple itineraries. LAC dynamically partitions the query area containing the k-nearest nodes from the query point into multiple sub-regions and elects a proper cluster head in each sub-region. Simulation results show that this algorithm outperforms the previous work in terms of the number of packet transmissions.


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