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Atmospheric visibility measurement based on image feature(PDF)


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Atmospheric visibility measurement based on image feature
Shi YuliWang BinBu Fan
School of Remote Sensing & Geomatics Engineering,Nanjing University of InformationScience & Technology,Nanjing 210044,China
visibility gradient contrast support vector machine random forest
In view of that the current methods of atmospheric visibility measurement based on the image have many problems,such as the complex erection of the target and difficult calculation of physical quantities,the atmospheric visibility measurement based on image features is proposed here. The gradient and contrast of the image are selected as image features. The support vector machine(SVM)algorithm and the random forest(RF)algorithm are used to build the model of the relationship between visibility values and image features. All results show that the gradient and contrast of the image are highly correlated with the atmospheric visibility value. The total number of sub-windows has effect on the accuracy of the model. The result of the SVM algorithm is typically better than that of the RF algorithm when the total number of sub-windows is less than 35. The sub-window with the size of 140×10 pixels performs best for the random forest algorithm. The R2 of the optimal model is 0.965 and the root-mean-square error is 658.13 m.


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