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Research of necessary mean number of AHEAD warheadfor killing attack helicopter(PDF)


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Research of necessary mean number of AHEAD warheadfor killing attack helicopter
Gong Xiaoze1Zhou Lanwei2Yao Zhijun1Li Xiangdong2Guo Chao2
1.Baicheng Ordnance Test Center of China,Baicheng 137001,China; 2.School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
AHEAD warheads attack helicopters models of vulnerability damage assessment damage effect
E271.4; N945.16
To investigate the damage ability and the necessary mean number of the AHEAD warhead to kill targets,the model of vulnerability for the typical attack helicopter is deduced and the critical miss distance killing the target is obtained. The kill probability of single AHEAD warhead to the attack helicopter and the necessary mean number are studied. The results show that the necessary mean number to kill the target is dependent on the projectile velocity,the miss distance and the trajectory obliquity. The necessary mean number increases while the projectile velocity increases and the miss distance decreases,and the necessary mean number reaches the minimum while the trajectory obliquity is 60°. The necessary mean number are 4.597,4.018,3.59 respectively while the projectile velocity is 600 m/s,700 m/s and 800 m/s.


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