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Chaotic bat algorithm based on chaos catfish effectand new search mechanism(PDF)


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Chaotic bat algorithm based on chaos catfish effectand new search mechanism
Wang Yukun1Ye Wei2Chen Xuebo1
1.School of Electronic and Information Engineering,University of Science and Technology Liaoning,Anshan 114051,China; 2.Faculty of Science and Electronic Information,Guangdong University ofPetrochemical Technology,Maoming 525000,China
bat algorithms chaotic sequence search mechanism catfish effect
In view of that the bat algorithm(BA)has disadvantages of slow convergence,prematurity and poor precision,an improved bat algorithm based on the chaos catfish effect and the new search mechanism is proposed here. Firstly,the tent chaotic sequence is used to generate initial population to enhance its diversity. The new pulse emission rate and the velocity update function are designed to adjust the aggregation speed of the population better and alleviate the local optimum phenomenon. Secondly,the new local search mechanism and the variable step size search strategy are introduced to improve the efficiency and accuracy of local search. Thirdly,the activation mechanism of the bat population based on the chaotic catfish effect is designed to enhance the ability of the algorithm to jump out of the local optimum and accelerate convergence. The test results of typical functions demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.


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