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Geographical routing protocol of wireless sensor networksbased on trustful space-time protocol(PDF)


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Geographical routing protocol of wireless sensor networksbased on trustful space-time protocol
Tian Xianghong
Division of Academic Affairs,Jinling Institute of Technology,Nanjing 211169,China
trustful space-time protocol wireless sensor networks geographical routing protocol internet of things
A geographical routing protocol based on trustful space-time protocol(TSTP)is proposed to use the network resources efficiently. The distance and time to live(TTL)are used as routing metrics,and the spatial distortion algorithm is introduced to map any metric to a transmission time offset and evaluate the influence of different metric combinations. Authenticated,encrypted,timed,and geo-referenced messages are provided in a resource-efficient way. Simulation results show the end to end delay,fairness and transmission ratio of TSTP present good performance in a series of network scene.


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