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Signal processing circuit based on ADA2200 in switch-capacitancemicro-displacement sensor(PDF)


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Signal processing circuit based on ADA2200 in switch-capacitancemicro-displacement sensor
Lin Tianyi1Li Wusen1Chen Wenjian1Qi Yongjun2Zheng Nan1Xiao Yue1
1.School of Electronic and Optical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China; 2. National Astronomical Observatories,Nanjing Institute of AstronomicalOptical Technology,Nanjing 210042,China
active optics switched capacitances micro-displacement sensors astronomical telescopes capacitance detection synchronous demodulation sampling analog technology
The signal processing circuit of a micro-displacement sensor is researched to get rid of the noise and realize the precise measurement of the micro-displacement between two segments of an astronomical telescope. Main circuit modules are designed using a detector with drive based on switched capacitors and the displacement signal demodulation method based on ADA2200. The capacitance detection module combines the switched capacitance technology and a capacitance/voltage converter. The synchronous demodulation module adopts ADA2200 chip to realize synchronous orthogonal demodulation of signals based on sampling analog technology(SAT). Experimental results show that the micro-displacement between the capacitors’plates can be detected,the demodulation based on ADA2200 chip can realize precision better than 2.5%,and the dynamics displacement can be demodulated in real time.


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