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Data collection scheduling in urban vehicular Ad-hoc network
Jia ZongpuYang HuanhuanSong ChengXie Guojun
School of Computer Science and Technology,Henan Polytechnic University,Jiaozuo 454000,China
delay constraint data collection data aggregation aggregation routing tree communication scene vehicular Ad-hoc network
In order to improve the collection rate of vehicles sensory data in vehicular Ad-hoc network,the data collection problem is studied and defined in this paper. According to the real-time traffic information,two different algorithms,which can simultaneously establish a collection rooting tree and scheming each node’s transmit time in the tree in limited communication scene and unlimited communication scene,are proposed. The basic idea of the algorithms is to dynamically determine the transmission strategy in the process of data collection and construct a dynamic aggregation routing tree based on the recursively parent node selection algorithm which uses a thinking of greedy algorithm. Finally,a large number of contrast experiments are carried out on the simulation trajectory data set. Results show that the proposed algorithms have a well improvement in data collection rate compared with other schemes.


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