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Hardware-in-loop simulation model of laser guidedaerial jamming and its application(PDF)


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Hardware-in-loop simulation model of laser guidedaerial jamming and its application
Zhang PeizhongWang ShuenFeng TianNing JinguiChen Guoli
Ordnance Test Center of Baicheng China,Baicheng 137001,China
guided aerial jamming hardware-in-loop simulation miss parameters
O303; TJ413.2
The miss parameter of the laser guided aerial jamming when attacking target is relevant to its guided performance and operational effectiveness. In order to check the miss parameter of the laser guided aerial jamming accurately and at low cost,the method of the hardware-in-loop simulation combined with the flight test is researched. The laser guided aerial jamming,the laser target simulator,the five-axis-rotary-platform and the simulation computer in clouding program are conjunct into the simulation loop,and the hardware-in-loop simulation experiment is carried out. Through the flying dynamic theory for the laser guided aerial jamming and the jamming flight test dada,the simulation model is verified and and validated,then the accurate and credible simulation model is established. By using an aircraft,some laser guided aerial jammings are projected to check their miss parameters in jamming flight test. The simulation data are jointed with test dada to evaluate the miss parameter of the laser guided aerial jamming and the accuracy of evaluation is higher.


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