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Multi-objective optimization of configuration parameter forsix dimensional microgravity simulation platform(PDF)


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Multi-objective optimization of configuration parameter forsix dimensional microgravity simulation platform
Zou Shangyuan1Liu Hairui2Jiang Yanjie3Liu Yanli<sup>23Wu Hongtao3
1. Department of Automotive Engineering; 2. Department of Electrical Engineering,Jiangsu College of Safety Technology,Xuzhou 221011,China; 3. College of MechanicalEngineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics,Nanjing 210016,China
microgravity simulation platform configuration parameters multi-objective optimization NSGA-2
In order to solve the problems that the parallel mechanism has the same performance after the same proportion zoom and the performance index is related with the dimension selection,the Jacobian matrix is dealt with dimensionless by using the characteristic length method to ensure the continued optimization of the configuration parameters. By analyzing the impact of 6 design variables on the configuration parameter optimization and determining the 2 of 6 variables as the final multi-objective optimization variables,a set of optimal Pareto solutions is gotten and among them a group of optimal solution in accordance with the engineering is obtained under the premise that the workspace size can be obtained by the multi-objective NSGA-2 optimization algorithm for the 3 performance indexes of workspace inradius,global dexterity and global load capacity index. All the results show that the NSGA-2 method is more valuable for practical engineering than the traditional single objective optimization method.


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