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Discussion of accurate construction uniformity detectionmethod for asphalt pavement(PDF)


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Discussion of accurate construction uniformity detectionmethod for asphalt pavement
Zhang Ke12Zhang Zhengqi2
1.College of Information Engineering,Fuyang Normal University,Fuyang 236041,China; 2.Key Laboratory of Highway Engineering in Special Region of Ministry of Education,Chang’an University,Xi’an 710064,China
highway engineering asphalt pavement construction uniformity detection methods accuratity
To evaluate the construction uniformity of asphalt pavement effectively,the study on the construction uniformity of asphalt pavement is carried out. The characteristics of different detection methods of heterogeneity for asphalt pavement are analyzed by indoor experiments and the Tong-Xun pavement engineering. According to the deficiency of construction uniformity detection for asphalt pavement,the method of accurate construction uniformity detection for asphalt pavement is put forward and verified by examples. The results show that the direct detection method can not characterize the spatial distribution difference of aggregate particles and voids inside the pavement. And the random selection way for core samples makes the test results can not fully reflect the construction uniformity of asphalt pavement,and the indirect detection method can not reflect the construction uniformity of internal structure for asphalt pavement. Based on the characteristics of different uniformity detection methods,the detection method of accurate heterogeneity combing the compaction uniformity and the aggregate distribution uniformity can be used to evaluate the construction quality of asphalt pavement effectively.


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