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Design and evaluation of cold recycled mixtureby vertical vibration forming method(PDF)


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Design and evaluation of cold recycled mixtureby vertical vibration forming method
Jiang Yingjun1Han Zhanchuang1Hu Yonglin2
1.Key Laboratory of Highway Engineering in Special Region of Ministry of Education,Chang’an University,Xi’an 710064,China; 2.Jindong District Highway Administration Bureau,Jinhua 321110,China
cold recycled mixture vertical vibration forming method Marshall method mechanical strength maximum dry density
In order to simulate the field compaction condition of emulsified asphalt mixture better,the vertical vibration forming method(VVTM)is used to compact the cold reclyled mixture,and the reliability of the method is verified. The effects of the VVTM and the Marshall method on the physical and mechanical properties of the cold reclyled emulsified asphalt mixture are compared and studied. The results show that the correlation between the mechanical strength of the VVTM specimen and the field core sample is up to 94.8%,and it is less than 60% for the Mashall specimen. Compared with the current method,the best moisture content of the VVTM moulding specimens decreases by 10%,the maximum dry density increases by 1.8%~2.3%,the optimal amount of emulsified asphalt decreases by 7%~10%,and the mechanical performance is improved by 32% at least. It is proved that the VVTM is more suitable for the evaluation on the mechanical properties of emulsified asphalt mixture than the Marshall method.


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