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Preview tracking control for 2D discrete-time systemdescribed by Roesser model(PDF)


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Preview tracking control for 2D discrete-time systemdescribed by Roesser model
Fan Rong1Wang Weiqun1Yao Juan2
1.School of Science; 2.School of Automation,Nanjing University of Scienceand Technology,Nanjing 210094,China)
preview tracking control augmented error system state feedback linear matrix inequity
In order to improve the tracking level and respond speed of 2D systems,the future information on the reference signal is first introduced into 2D systems to deal with the preview tracking control problem for the discrete 2D Roesser model. Firstly,the augmented error system is constructed by using the difference between the state and steady state value. Then the sufficient asymptotic stability condition for the augmented error system via state feedback is derived by applying the linear matrix inequity(LMI)technique,and the preview controller design is given to realize the tracking purpose of 2D systems. The numerical simulation shows that the increase of previewable future information can significantly improve the tracking performance of the 2D discrete-time system described by the Roesser model.


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