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Image recognition for drop-out fuse based on geometric constraint(PDF)


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Image recognition for drop-out fuse based on geometric constraint
Huang Qing1Zhang Wei2Cheng Min3Su Pengfei4Ding Qibing4Guo Yu4
1.State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company,Nanjing 210024,China; 2.Changzhou Power Supply Company,State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company,Changzhou 213003,China; 3.Yijiahe Technology Co Ltd,Nanjing 210012,China; 4.School of Automation,Nanjing Univer
distribution line maintenance drop-out fuses geometric constraint probabilistic Hough transform ellipse fitting
Aiming at the recognition problem of fuse tube of the drop-out fuse for the distribution line maintenance robot,a straight-line fitting approach based on geometric constraint is proposed here. The accuracy of the fuse tube body recognition is improved by using the probabilistic Hough transform combined with the lines parallelism and distance constraints. In order to recognize the operation ring correctly,a novel ellipse fitting method based on position and geometry size constraint is proposed by means of the geometrical position relation between the fuse tube body and the operating ring. To remove the interference caused by other objects in the complex background,a recognition method for the fuse tube is presented based on the mutually constrain condition of the fuse tube body and the operating ring. Experimental results show that the proposed method can identify fuse tubes in different scenes with high accuracy and good robustness.


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