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Fish-action hunt policy for underwater sensor deployment(PDF)


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Fish-action hunt policy for underwater sensor deployment
Li Bo1Chen Cheng2
1.College of Engineering,Nanjing Agricultural University,Nanjing 210031,China; 2.Agriculture Information Institute,Jiangsu Academy Agricultural Sciences,Nanjing 210014,China
underwater sensors Lévy distribution fish-action hunt policy event coverage
TP18; TP212.6
In view of that the events in open waters are sparse and uncertain,the dynamic distributed arrangement for underwater sensors is presented here. The fish-action model being different from the traditional fish swarm algorithm is proposed,and then the hunt policy is given based on the fish-action to form the dynamic deployment method of underwater sensors. Through initial deployment design and explore-action in the Lévy distribution,this method expands the space under exploration and increases the event coverage of underwater surveillance system. Meanwhile,the improved follow action endues sensors with the effective perception ability on others and turns off the communication among sensors. Thus,the energy efficiency of sensors is improved and the concealment of underwater surveillance system is ameliorated.


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