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Research on seamless mosaic algorithm of adaptiverotating image based on SIFT(PDF)


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Research on seamless mosaic algorithm of adaptiverotating image based on SIFT
Yao WeiHu Hong
The 28th Research Institute,China Electronics Technology Group Corporation,Nanjing 210007,China
scale-invariant feature transform rotating images weighted algorithm of image fusion removing seam of images
In order to solve the problem of stitching seam generated in the process of rotating image mosaic and fusion,a seamless mosaic algorithm of adaptive rotating image based on the scale-invariant feature transform(SIFT)is proposed here. Based on the SIFT feature matching,the minimum distance weighted algorithm is used to fuse the images. In order to reduce the time-consuming when calculating the weighting factors,an accelerated fusion strategy is proposed,and the seamless mosaic is completed quickly. Experimental results show that the algorithm has good fusion effect,fast speed and good robustness.


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