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Extended state observer-based characteristic modelingand adaptive sliding-mode control for servo systems(PDF)


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Extended state observer-based characteristic modelingand adaptive sliding-mode control for servo systems
Wang XiangWu YifeiGao YangGuo JianChen Qingwei
School of Automation,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
extended state observers servo systems adaptive control sliding-mode control torque disturbances inertia
A characteristic modeling method based on an extended state observer(ESO)and an adaptive discrete terminal sliding-mode controller is proposed to restrain the influence of torque disturbances and inertia variations on the dynamic performance and steady-state accuracy of servo systems. The friction moment,torque disturbances and other uncertainties in a dynamics model are encapsulated into lumped disturbances and regarded as a new system state,and an ESO is designed to observe and compensate it.A characteristic model is established for the generalized compensated servo system and an adaptive discrete terminal sliding-mode controller is designed based on the sampled input-output data and online parameter identification method. The convergence of observation error and the finite-time boundedness of tracking error are proved by Lyapunov stability theory. Simulation results show that the proposed method has strong robustness to torque disturbances and can adapt to inertia variations within 20 times.


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