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Soft sensor modeling based on adaptive Isomap algorithm(PDF)


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Soft sensor modeling based on adaptive Isomap algorithm
Ji WenpengYang Huizhong
Key Laboratory of Advanced Process Control for Light Industry,Ministry of Education,Jiangnan University,Wuxi 214122,China
adaptive algorithm isometric mapping algorithm neighborhood graph construction Euclidean distance soft sensor Gaussian regression process
An adaptive neighborhood construction method is proposed for the neighborhood graph construction in the isometric mapping(Isomap)algorithm. The sample similarity coefficient is calculated by using the Euclidean distance. A density exponential function is constructed based on the local density and average density of each sample. The neighbor number of samples is adjusted adaptively according to the density exponential function to construct a reasonable neighborhood graph. A model is developed by using the Gaussian process regression(GPR). This method is applied to the soft sensor modeling of a Bisphenol A production device. The simulation results show that the GPR model based on the adaptive Isomap algorithm has higher estimation accuracy than the Isomap-GPR model,and the root mean square error(RMSE)of the model is reduced by about 15%.


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