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DC/DC converter for on-board charger of electric vehicles(PDF)


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DC/DC converter for on-board charger of electric vehicles
Tao HaijunQin XidongZheng Zheng
School of Electrical Engineering and Automation,Henan Polytechnic University,Jiaozuo 454000,China
electric vehicles on-board chargers clamping diodes synchronous rectification soft switching
Clamping diodes are introduced to a traditional phase-shifted full-bridge(PSFB)DC/DC converter,and synchronous rectification(SR)technology is adopted on the secondary side of a transformer for the problems of the DC/DC converter of on-board charger for electric vehicles such as the loss of the zero voltage switching(ZVS)range of the lagging bridge,the voltage oscillation and the large conduction loss of the output rectifier. The suppression process of the voltage oscillation of the secondary rectifier of the transformer after adding the clamp diode is analyzed. OR drive logic is used for a synchronous rectifier to reduce the conduction losses of the rectifier. The results of loss calculation for the main circuit show the efficiency of using the soft switching and SR technology is higher than using the hard switching and diode rectification technology by 8%. The simulation and experimental results show that the DC/DC converter suppresses the voltage oscillation of the rectifier on the secondary side of the transformer,realizes soft switching in a wide load range,and has good dynamic performance and anti-interference ability; the efficiency is above 95% for loads above 10% of the rated load.


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