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Simulation study on dielectric materials brokenby high voltage discharge(PDF)


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Simulation study on dielectric materials brokenby high voltage discharge
Li Hongda1Zhang Bin2
1.School of Equipment Engineering; 2.School of Automation and Electrical Engineering,Shenyang Ligong University,Shenyang 110159,China
high voltage dielectrics plasma channels electrode structure pulses
In order to study the generation mechanism of a plasma channel and the effect of electrode structure on a discharge channel,a three-dimensional model of solid-liquid mixture medium is established,and a rock-breaking simulation software is developed to set circuit parameters and discharge dielectric parameters. By changing the shape and spacing of the electrodes,the solid-liquid mixture plasma channel is simulated by the software,and the spatio-temporal characteristics of the channel and the field around the electrode are obtained. The simulation results show that polarization phenomenon occurs on the surface of the solid dielectrics and a plasma channel is generated after the pulse generated by the pulse generator inputs from the electrode to the solid dielectrics; the plasma channel formes at the junction of inhomogeneous solid dielectrics and liquid dielectrics,and the discharge channel can accumulate energy density in ms-level time and rapidly raise temperature to generate tremendous pressure; the electric field intensity around the plasma channel is obviously higher than that of other areas; the solid dielectrics can be effectively broken when the energy in the plasma channel is 20%~40% of the total energy storage.


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