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Simulation and experimental study of coupling of hingedmultiple floating bodies and waves(PDF)


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Simulation and experimental study of coupling of hingedmultiple floating bodies and waves
Zou Qiang1Peng Shaoxiong2Zhang Zhoukang3Hong Liang3
1.Weapons Engineering College,Naval University of Engineering of PLA,Wuhan 430033,China; 2.Department of Airborne Vehicle Engineering,Naval Academy of Aeronautical Engineering,Yantai 264001,China; 3.School of Energy and Power Engineering,Nanjing Univers
hinged multiple floating bodies waves coupling computational fluid dynamics multi-body dynamics viscidity theory finite volume method
Based on the viscidity theory,a numerical model of hinged multiple floating bodies is presented using computational fluid dynamics and multi-body dynamics to study the influence of hinge constraint on the stability of floating bodies. Based on the finite volume method,the mesh of the wave tank and the floating structure is generated by using the overset mesh method. By considering the floating bodies as rigid bodies,a multiple floating bodies system is formed with the restraint of a virtual spherical joint,and a numerical model is built. Experimental researches show that the hinged multiple floating bodies are more stable than rigidly connected floating bodies. The simulation results are compared with the experimental results,and the rationality and applicability of the spherical joint are verified.


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