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Analysis of mechanism and influential factors of water-driven-oilin fractured-vuggy reservoirs based on Fluent and Hernandez(PDF)


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Analysis of mechanism and influential factors of water-driven-oilin fractured-vuggy reservoirs based on Fluent and Hernandez
Liu Chengting12Liu Gang12Li Jiacheng12Yan Zuoxiu12
1.Department of Petroleum Engineering; 2.Key Laboratory of Enhanced Oil Recovery of Ministryof Education,Northeast University of Petroleum,Daqing 163318,China
fractured-vuggy reservoirs water-driven-oil carbonate displacement water oil-water viscosity ratio production rate
Aiming at the problem of distribution of remaining oil in fractured-vuggy carbonate reservoirs,the distribution characteristics of oil and water are studied using the software Fluent. Hernandez model is calculated for different parameters. The complex fracture-cavity structure is simplified into four geometric models. The influences of the fracture-cavity structure,displacement water injection velocity,oil kinematic viscosity and oil-water viscosity ratio on the fluid flow in a fracture-cavity are analyzed. The rule of fluid flow in the fracture-cavity is induced. Analysis results show that the main recovery mechanism of water flooding is that the displacement water enters the fractures and holes to occupy the space position of crude oil; the rate of water injection affects the oil yield initially in the fracture hole,but does not affect the ultimate oil residual rate in the fracture hole; the higher the oil-water viscosity ratio is,the higher the crude oil recovery rate is,and the less the residual oil in the fracture hole is; the viscous force at the leading edge of the water drive is in favor of the oil-water diffusion. The order of magnitudes for the diffusion coefficient is different for different types of joints and holes.


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