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Application of a new type-2 fuzzy entropy in multi-attributedecision making(PDF)


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Application of a new type-2 fuzzy entropy in multi-attributedecision making
Zheng WanrongZheng TingtingZhang Maoyin
School of Mathematical Sciences,Anhui University,Hefei 230601,China
type-2 fuzzy sets type-2 fuzzy entropy cosine function scoring matrix multi-attribute decision
In order to measure the uncertainty information of type-2 fuzzy sets and solve the multi-attribute decision-making problem with type-2 fuzzy sets as the information environment,based on the axiomatization criterion of the type-2 fuzzy entropy,a new type-2 fuzzy entropy formula is defined by the cosine function. This formula not only takes into account the hesitability and ambiguity of type-2 fuzzy sets,but also more easily compares the size of entropy between two type-2 fuzzy sets based on the monotonicity and symmetry of cosine functions. Considering the risk attitude of decision makers in the decision-making process,the risk preference function is introduced,and the new scoring matrix is given by considering the cross-effect of the primary membership degree and the sub-degree membership. Combining with an entropy,a nonlinear optimization model based on completely unknown attribute weights is constructed to observe the influence of risk preference on attribute weights. An example analysis proves the feasibility and stability of the decision model.


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