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Research on recommendation algorithm of social friendsbased on six-degree segmentation theory(PDF)


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Research on recommendation algorithm of social friendsbased on six-degree segmentation theory
Du Shuying12Ding Shifei1
1.School of Computer Science and Technology,China University of Mining and Technology,Xuzhou 221116,China; 2.Department of Finance Information,Xuzhou Vocational College of Bioengineering,Xuzhou 221000,China
friends recommendation six degree segmentation algorithm friend ratings social network
In order to better broaden the user’s social circle and get more information resources through new friends,friends recommendation to become the most popular target of social networking. Based on the analysis of the existing friend recommendation algorithm,this paper puts forward the social friend recommendation algorithm based on the theory of six-degree segmentation. Specifically,first,the method is based on the idea of friend rating,according to the user’s historical behavior to rate users,similar rating users into a group,to reduce the time cost of large-scale friend recommendation; Secondly,considering the relationship of common concern between users and the time difference between users and friends,the similarity between users and friends is calculated. The performance of the Sina Weibo data set verification algorithm was used,and the final experiment proves that the accuracy and recall rate of the algorithm is improved.


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