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Application of discharged detection technology forpartial discharge of high voltage cable(PDF)


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Application of discharged detection technology forpartial discharge of high voltage cable
Sun Yonghui1Wang Fujue1Deng Peng2
1.College of Energy and Electrical Engineering,Hohai University,Nanjing 210098,China; 2.Nanjing Power Supply Company,Nanjing 210000,China
high voltage cable partial discharge discharged detection intensive care monitoring terminal
This paper discusses the application of two kinds of discharged detection technology for partial discharge(PD)of high voltage cable through case analysis. In view of the problem that the traditional technologies just reflect the state of the cables and accessories in a short period,firstly the PD intensive care system is installed in the high voltage cable B; through three days’ continuous monitoring,the joint in the middle of the suspected discharge with defects is ruled out. It can be concluded that the PD intensive care technology is an important supplementary means of running the discharge test of the cable. Then,cable terminal PD on-line monitoring systems are introduced. The domestic use of line C’B phase cable terminals discovers the suspected cases of PD signals. Electricity through dissection verify the fact that there is a fire signal,thus confirming discharge monitoring terminal technology can prove the effectiveness of the defect cable terminal station.


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