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Influence of missing cell on in-plane dynamic behavior of honeycomb(PDF)


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Influence of missing cell on in-plane dynamic behavior of honeycomb
Li ZhenWang YajinLiu JingxingWang Liangmo
School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
missing cells honeycomb defects in-plane dynamic behavior energy absorption capacity impact resistance capacity
TH123; O347
In order to figure out the influences of missing cells on the in-plane dynamic behavior of the auxetic honeycomb,a finite element model is built and validated. In-plane dynamic crushing analysis under various conditions of defective size and shape are conducted. The sensitive analysis is performed by discussing the deformation mode,normalized plastic energy dissipation and impact resistance capacity of the defective honeycombs. The results show that the honeycombs are sensitive to both the defective size and shape at the low compression speed(2 m/s). The influence of weakens as the crushing velocity increases. In addition,the impact resistance capacity of honeycomb is also influenced by defects. This research provides useful references for the honeycomb in the field of engineering design.


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