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Design of permanent magnet synchronous motor servocontroller based on bandwidth(PDF)


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Design of permanent magnet synchronous motor servocontroller based on bandwidth
Lei YangXu JingHao QiangYang Li’na
China North Vehicle Research Institute,Beijing 100072,China
bandwidths permanent magnet synchronous motors servo control parameters tuning active disturbance rejection controllers
In order to improve the control performance of servo systems and solve the difficulty of setting control parameters,a new control method is designed and applied to the servo control system of a permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM). The model of the PMSM is established. A current loop controller is designed with proportional-integral(PI)control parameters tuning based on the current loop bandwidth,and a speed loop controller is designed with active disturbance rejection control(ADRC)parameters tuning based on the speed loop bandwidth. The relationship between the current loop bandwidth and the speed loop bandwidth is given,and the control parameters of the whole system are reduced to a bandwidth. The result of a physical test verifies that this controller has strong structure versatility,simple parameter setting and easy engineering implementation; compared with the traditional proportional-integral-derivative(PID)control method,under a same speed instruction,the response of the control method based on bandwidth is faster,and the tracking error is reduced by more than 40%,and the stabilization time is shortened by more than 25% for a load disturbance on a PMSM operating steadily.


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