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Differential variational principle of Herglotz type and conservationlaws for non-conservative dynamical systems(PDF)


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Differential variational principle of Herglotz type and conservationlaws for non-conservative dynamical systems
Zhang Yi
School of Civil Engineering,Suzhou University of Science and Technology,Suzhou 215011,China
non-conservative dynamical system differential variational principle conservation law Herglotz variational problem
To study the physical nature and dynamic behavior of a non-conservative dynamical system,the conservation law of the non-conservative dynamical system is constructed by using the differential variational principle of Herglotz type. The differential variation principle of Herglotz type for holonomic non-conservative system is derived based on Herglotz variational problem. The condition of invariance of the differential variational principle is established by introducing the infinitesimal generators of time and space. The conservation theorem and its inverse theorem of the holonomic non-conservative system are established,and the condition under which a new conserved quantity exists is given and the new conserved quality is obtained. Two examples are presented to illustrate the application of the results.


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