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Simulation of ignition impact for soft interlayerdual-pulse solid rocket motor(PDF)


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Simulation of ignition impact for soft interlayerdual-pulse solid rocket motor
Wang Jian1Chen Xiong1Xu Jinsheng1Li Hongwen2
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Jinxi Industries Group Co.,Ltd.,Taiyuan 030027,China
soft interlayers dual-pulse motors solid rocket motors ignition impulse combustion chamber fluid-solid coupling propellant
A fluid-solid coupling solver is built to calculate the whole combustion chamber of a dual-pulse solid rocket motor duing second pulse ignition impulse. The solver is built on ANSYS Workbench platform. The models of propellant ignition,combustion and mass source addition are established and boundary conditions are defined by using User Define Function(UDF). Combining with the dynamic grid technology,the global numerical calculation of the second pulse combustor with an interlayer separator is realized. The calculation results show that the second pulse ignition shock process presents the typical flow characteristics in large deformation region,and the pressure and temperature properties in the flow field are obviously affected by combustion,mass source addition of the propellant and the deformation of the barrier; in the solid region,the deformation stages of the interlayer can be clearly distinguished,and the stress concentration occurs at the right angle of the propellant.


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