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Synchronous acquisition system for thehigh resolution fluxgate sensor(PDF)


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Synchronous acquisition system for thehigh resolution fluxgate sensor
Li QingJia YunfeiHe Chenyu
School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
data acquisition system field programmable gate array parallel sampling digital filtering
Aiming at the synchronization and high precision requirements of the data acquisition system in an unexploded ordnance detection,a multi-channel synchronous data acquisition system which is fit for magnetic detection equipment is designed. The system is built according to the modular idea,its structure is simple,its scalability is strong and its cost is very low. In this system,the parallel operation of field programmable gate array(FPGA)and the structural optimization confirms the instruction’s synchronization. The 32-bits analog to digital converter(ADC)which has the highest resolution at present,digital filter and chopping zero technology make the accuracy requirements satisatory. The prototype test results show that the signal measurement range can reach up to ±5 V and the noise is lower than 5 μV. Compared with the 24-bits capture card which is commonly used,this system accuracy is more than doubled. The design is more suitable for the field of unexploded ordnance detection.


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