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Research in detection of winding transformer variationbased on improved LVI method(PDF)


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Research in detection of winding transformer variationbased on improved LVI method
Li HongdaHuang DingkunZhang BinChen Naichuan
School of Equipment Engineering,Shenyang Ligong University,Shenyang 110159,China
nanosecond pulse low voltage pulse method winding deformation power transformers spectrumanalysis
In order to ensure the quality and efficiency of large-scale power transmission,improve the service life of power transmission equipment,the deformation detection of the inner windings of power transformers is studied. According to the advantages and disadvantages of the low voltage pulse method and frequency response method,an improved method based on low voltage pulse method is proposed. Nanosecond pulse is used to diagnose the internal winding state of power transformers,that is,a nanosecond pulse generator with a duration of 100~2 000 ns and a rising edge of about 10 ns is used for measurement. Through the comparison measurement on different terminals,and according to the difference of echo signal between different terminals,the winding inside the transformer is judged whether there is deformation or not. This method ensures good repeatability and measurement accuracy and improves the shortcomings of the traditional low voltage impulse(LVI)method. Experimental results show that the developed nanosecond pulse source and the numerical spectrum analysis method for transformer winding variation can quickly obtain the transformer internal winding variation and expand the spectrum of echo signal.


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