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Transfer learning Laplacian total margin support vector machine(PDF)


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Transfer learning Laplacian total margin support vector machine
Lu Bing13Zhou Guohua12Gu Xiaoqing3Yin Xinchun2
1.Department of Information Engineering,Changzhou Institute of Industry Technology,Changzhou213164,China; 2.College of Information Engineering,Yangzhou University,Yangzhou 225127,China; 3.School of Information Science and Engineering,Changzhou University,Changzhou 213164,China
transfer learning support vector machine classification semi-supervised total margin maximum mean discrepancy
To further promote the performance of semi-supervised classifier with insufficient labeled and unlabeled samples,a transfer learning Laplacian total margin support vector machine called TL-Lap-TSVM is studied here. The joint projected maximum mean discrepancy is proposed to measure the distribution differences between the different domains from the global and local aspects. The TL-Lap-TSVM is proposed by introducing the idea of transfer learning into the semi-supervised learning framework. This paper realizes the transferring knowledge from the source domain to the target domain and promotes the performance of classifier in the target domain. The experimental results on eight transfer learning datasets show that the TL-Lap-TSVM can deal with the task of classification in the scenario that both labeled and unlabeled data in the target domain are insufficient.


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