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Design of miniature longitudinal-torsional ultrasonic machining system


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Design of miniature longitudinal-torsional ultrasonic machining system
Gu LeiZheng KanDong Song
School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
longitudinal-torsional ultrasonic machining system helical grooves finite element
Aiming at the problems of single vibration and processing difficulty in the current longitudinal-torsional ultrasonic machining system,a new longitudinal-torsional ultrasonic machining system with helical grooves is designed in this paper. The structural design of the longitudinal-torsional ultrasonic machining tool holder is theoretically calculated. The Workbench is used to analyze the influence of various structural parameters on the resonant frequency of the ultrasonic vibration system,and the ultrasonic processing system is analyzed transiently. The results show that the transducer can achieve longitudinal-torsional ultrasonic vibration,and the error between the resonant frequency and the design value is 1.675%. The amplitude can meet the expected requirement. Finally,the amplitude test of the longitudinal-torsional ultrasonic tool holder shows that the longitudinal vibration amplitude is 9.3 μm and the torsional vibration amplitude is 4.5 μm. The correctness of the design method is also verified.


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