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Bandwidth parameterized feedback controlling of DC speed regulating system


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Bandwidth parameterized feedback controlling of DC speed regulating system
Ding Jian1Yang Huizhong2
1.School of Control Technology,Wuxi Institute of Technology,Wuxi 214121,China; 2.Key Laboratory of Advanced Process Control for Light Industry(Ministry of Education), Jiangnan University,Wuxi 214122,China
direct-current speed regulating system bandwidth gain scale frequency scale proportional-derivative feedback control
Based on the armature loop composition and torque control law of the direct-current(DC)motor,the block diagram and the transfer function of the DC speed regulating system are established here. By defining the frequency scale and gain scale of the DC speed regulating system transfer function,a PD controller parameterized with the bandwidth of closed system is designed with feedforward part. Employing Matlab/Simulink for the simulation,the results show that the parameterized PD controller designing is simple,intuitive and easy to adjust. Also,the larger the closed-loop bandwidth is,the faster the system response is,and the external disturbance rejection property is better.


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