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Elevator door state detection method based on improved probability Hough line detection


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Elevator door state detection method based on improved probability Hough line detection
Zhang GuofuWang Cheng
Internet of Things Engineering Institute,Jiangnan University,Wuxi 214122,China
elevator door state detection line detection Hough transform image processing
For the problem of installing external sensors difficultly in the car and high cost,an elevator door state line detection method based on pre-image processing is proposed here,and a corresponding solution to the interference of door background and door panel texture on line detection algorithm is presented. Firstly,it is preprocessed to extract elevator door image from video stream; Secondly,the elevator door feature lines are extracted by the improved probability Hough line detection algorithm; Finally,the real-time detection of elevator door opening,closing and fault status is realized by combining judgment rules based on prior knowledge. The effectiveness of the algorithm is verified by selecting multiple door switch pictures. The experimental results prove that,compared with the probability Hough line detection algorithm,the limited-angle probability Hough line detection algorithm proposed in this paper reduces the time consumption by 10% when extracting the characteristic lines,has the higher precision and the recall rate,and is suitable for the front elevator door state detection system.


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